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The Pipenhot Brewing System is a hand crafted espresso machine constructed of industrial quality stainless steel (the same equipment used to build breweries, distilleries, and dairies, with brass fitting accents). The brewing system is customizable and expandable to change size and scope as your business needs it to. The brewing system is a completely manual machine designed for absolute control and streamlined usability for professionals who have exact specifications to meet quality expectations down to the milliliter or degree and to how ever much quantity is demanded. A quick connect interchangeable pod to brew beverages of variety or consistency in rapid succession. The simplicity and reliability of the system in the hands of a skilled barista will be able to produce cup after cup in the most challenging of food service stigmas. This machine was built with the predication of being a once in a lifetime purchase, dependable and accessible parts for an unparalleled means to enter the beverage market.

‚ÄčSimple, Reliable, Affordable