Single Group Express Mini Commercial or Residential. Runs on 110 or 220 volts. Through counter design makes a fast space saving Espresso Machine. Low cost high quality easy entry into Specialty Coffee Market.

Single Group Production Espresso Machine with hot holding surface allows quick change between Coffee and Espresso Brewing.

Single Group Espresso Machine for Restaurant or home, 120 or 220 Volts

Four Group Espresso Machine with Two steam wands and twin pressure/temperature gauges.

Sean Barrett (772) 584-4896

*The machines are built of 304 food grade, Solid Stainless Steel construction, an industrial standard material used for Breweries, Distilleries, Dairies, Cosmetics, and the making of Pharmaceuticals.

*The machines are manually operated with limited electronics.

*A non-welded but bolted assembly allows for thorough cleaning and easy parts replacement.

*Hand built and tested most units are one of a kind.

*Easy accessible parts for quick repairs so there is no down time.

*Overpowered design for rapid heat up and durable design for longevity.

*Pod based brewing allows rapid production, change in product (espresso, coffee, tea, etc…), and also production for the purpose of canning for refrigeration (iced or frozen coffee drinks).

*Component based design allows for complete customization.

*Well below market price for units of similar Quality.

*One time purchase for life the machine can continuously be repaired and even rebuilt.

*Beautifully aesthetic and unique, the machine will create inquiry and promote sales.

*Inherent to the design as water moves away from the heat source it creates pressure and steam, but at the point it reaches the brewing head it averages a milder brewing temperature for better flavor.